About the Artist

“I left the place where I was born. I returned as a man, and photographed the people I had only loved from a distance.”

I left Cuba with my mother when I was only 5 years old. We joined my father in the US and began a life that afforded us the chance to plan for the future. But, we never really left; every visit we take bags large enough to fit three people. We fill them with medicines and foods. We send toys for birthdays, medical supplies when someone is sick, strange tools for odd jobs, and money for the things that are available but cost far too much for someone making $15 a month. 

We never really left. Every time we go back, the same rooms are waiting for us to occupy them during our stay. The same smiles (that just age with each visit) greet us, along with the tears from the same people when they wave us goodbye. We eat the same food, that just gets better with time, and walk the same streets we walked when we were children.

My family came from Cuba, we left our home to seek a future we could control, and now I have left the town in which I was raised to begin my own future. But at every point of my present self, I am the culmination of the past. The heritage I build now will forever be the byproduct of the people I could never really leave behind.