“When looking back at my wedding day, I can smile knowing that the small moments were captured, not just the big ones. Rafael seemed to capture the moments you remember but wish you had a photo of, and I am thankful for that. Nothing can replace the invaluable skill he provided that day.”

What is a Documentary Wedding Photographer?

There are two main classifications of wedding photographers, Traditional and Documentary (also known as Reportage or Photojournalist) wedding photographers.

Traditional wedding photography is the first form of wedding photography. It is most commonly associated with posed shots and fabricated moments directed by the photographers. Benefits: these photographers ensure that they cover every single aspect of the ceremony since they work off a to-do list. Drawbacks: since the main goal is to ensure all the scenes are captured oftentimes the photographer must stop naturally flowing moments in order to get a posed shot, which also means they end up becoming the director of the wedding. This could conflict with wedding coordinators if not properly handled (if you do believe this style is best suited to your needs make sure your wedding planner has communicated with your traditional photographer.

Documentary wedding photography is the newer form of photography which sprouted from the desire to photograph completely natural, candid, moments in time. Benefits: because the goal is to not disturb the scene as much as possible, these photographers hide within the crowd and just let the natural moments happen without any directing or filtering. This style is great if you are interested in having candid photos of yourselves as well as the guests; smiles aren't posed and neither are the moments. Drawbacks: since the scenes are not directed the photographers are unable to capture absolutely everything like Traditional wedding photographers will. They do not stop the ceremony in order to capture one moment. These photographers also work primarily using their artistic sense which may sometimes show up as a mix of black and white/ color photographs.

What I do is a mix of both styles. When I first began photographing weddings I worked as a Traditional photographer, but with time I decided to switch into Documentary style as it fit more closely with my artistic vision. Both styles have their strengths and weaknesses as described above, therefore my goal is to figure out how I can offer the most complete experience. Typically, I speak with the couple and let them know that I work best with the guests assuming I am not a photographer but a friend or family member of the groom/bride. This usually works since I use a small camera and most guests assume that photographers carry lots of large equipment (a common misconception).

My goal is to ensure that you receive exactly what you will enjoy most. This means I like to clearly and openly talk to the clients about exactly what they want, as well as exactly what I can offer. First and foremost I am an art photographer, and as such I aim to capture your wedding as if an artist was invited to visualize the scenes as photographs. If it appears that you may have a different outlook then I am also very happy to recommend other photographers that will professionally suite your needs. Weddings can be a complicated matter, so let us make sure that the photography is as smooth and easy as possible.


Do you shoot destination weddings?

I do offer destination weddings within the United States most of the year. However, some limitations may apply for service that requires multiple days.

Will there be a second shooter?

No. However, I have worked weddings which have hired a second team of photographers that represent Traditional wedding photography.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

Yes. My goal is to offer the best and most complete experience possible.


Since my work will vary according to your needs it is best to first understand what your expectations are before quoting a price. I want to ensure you get the most value out of our experience together. Contact me and we can discuss what those needs are.

What kind of gear do you use?

As a Documentary wedding photographer and artists I work using a FujiX-e3 camera which allows me to discretely capture gorgeous scenes without distracting the guests.

Do I have to order prints through you?

No. As part of the service you obtain original sized files with the ability to print them wherever you see fit. I do offer printing services using gallery quality papers and materials if desired.

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